Intermittent Cartoning Machine

Description of the machines:

Intermittent cartoning machine is Servo Geared motor indexing and Pneumatic Flap Closing type machine Suitable to pack Tuck in, Glued or Block Bottom type Cartons. (Change Over arrangement)

Cartoning Machine construction:

Balcony Type structure with electrical panel at rear side. Adjustable Carton conveyor with chain type design Width adjustable product conveyor with chain type design. Servo Indexing Drive to carton and product chain for intermittent motion. Motorized carton pick up with vacuum cups. Carton top support with pneumatic type lifting arrangement. Product insertion inside carton through Motor driven product Pusher. Caron discharge. Carton stack type magazine with capacity of 300 cartons in inclined position.(Varies for block bottom type cartons)

Machine Operation:

Flat Cartons manually loaded in the carton magazine are getting picked up with help of oscillating arm vacuum assisted suction cups. Flat carton while landing in the carton chain conveyor get opened and formed in the box shape. Front side flap closed before product insertion. Concurrently Product collating and feeding attachment dispenses products in the product conveyor pockets. Logically sensing carton and product together product pusher push the product inside opened carton. Next indexing Side and top flap get closed before final tuck-in operation./ Glueing Product filled and closed carton discharge through belt type carton discharge arrangement.