Linear Compact Premade Pouch Pick Fill Seal Machine

Machine Application:

This machine is suitable to pack powder, solid chunks, granule or liquid into a premade pouch and sealing .

Premade Pouches:

Laminate heat sealable pre-made pouches like flat pouch, Bottom gusset pouch, stand up pouch, or stand up pouch with zipper etc.


The Horizon- Single station premade pouch packaging machine is used for packaging powder, granule, liquid, paste and solid products. Such as, detergent, pepper, coffee, sugar, salt,sauce, ketchup, nuts, potato chips and so on. The filling device is adjustable according to the product, such as auger filler for powder, volumetric cup for granule, piston filler for liquid and multi-head weigher for solid.
Premade Pouch Packaging Material :
Laminate Heat sealable packing materials like OPP/PE,BOPP/OPP/PE,PET/AL etc..

Standard Features:

Premade Pouch with heat sealable laminate - product filling and sealing.
PLC & HMI Control , Easy for parameter setting and troubleshooting Easy and quick change over with single tool for different pouch size adaption.
Temperature controlling configuration through HMI for artistic and neat sealing. Partial Pouch opening no filling and sealing for reducing pouch wasting application.
Compatible Programs of powder, granule or liquid dosing, plug and play, easy for different products switching Machine door safety interlocks / stopping interlock sanitary package for your product and perfect package appearance

Optional Features:

Filled and sealed pouch exit conveyor
Zipper Pouch zipper opening system
Side Gusset pouch opening function
Vibrating product dosing function for non-free flowing products.
Vibrating system for product compacting.